Welcome to Cuyahoga CrossFit!

As the community leader in health, fitness and sports performance since 1995, Cuyahoga CrossFit is committed to providing a safe, positive and effective training experience for athletes of all ages and all abilities.

Our uniquely qualified staff consists of nationally accredited, certified strength and conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists, physical therapists and sports medicine physicians, all committed in helping each of our athletes reach their personal health, fitness and athletic pursuits.  Please visit our coaches bio page to learn more about our staff and their qualifications.

John Collis is the founder and executive director of Cuyahoga CrossFit.  After spending nearly twenty years of owning and operating a large fitness club in the area, the Exercise Physiologist / Speed and Strength Coach made the decision to sell the fitness club in order to focus exclusively on his true passion of coaching.  In 2009, Collis opened The Cuyahoga Sports Institute, which is home to Cuyahoga CrossFit, CrossFit Kids and The Parisi Speed School. 

We appreciate your interest in Cuyahoga CrossFit and look forward to coaching you in your athletic pursuits!

Workout Of The Day

  • Crossfit WOD - Bear Complex

    Wednesday October 1

    10 minutes:
    Bar or ring kipping / pull-ups / muscle-ups progressions

    Bear Complex 7-7-7-7-7

    One set includes:
    Power Clean +
    Front Squat + Push-Press + Back Squat + Push-Press

    Seven sets equals one round; complete 5 rounds total working up to your max.

    You can rest in between rounds, but do not let go of the bar during a round. If you do, you must restart the round.

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